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Dengue Vaccine Discussion Group

This area has been set up for those interested in discussing dengue vaccine development. Later there will be a specific web space for this research area with many features and resources. For now this area can be used for developing discussions, building a network and sharing and agreeing research priorities and questions. Once a research idea has been identified a workspace (next tab above) can be set up for developing funding applications, protocols, case record forms etc.


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We have a new article on this topic focusing on the third wave of Parana's dengue vaccination program

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Dengue Entomology Discussion Group

This discussion area has been set up for all researchers working on the dengue vector. We aim to create a dedicated and specialised area for you, and so we invite you to post any suggestions that you have for this. In this space, you can begin building an online research community, develop collaborations and create working groups for specific projects.


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Several countries, particularly those in Asia, are using Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes are part of their strategy to combat dengue fever. Break Dengue has published two articles on this topic: - One looking at ...

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Dengue VOICE

Dengue VOICE is an inivitation-only group. The purpose of the Dengue VOICE program is to trigger, generate and facilitate a balanced, active and supportive dialogue about dengue vaccination and help overcoming barriers to adoption of the first dengue vaccine.

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Dengue Clinical and Epidemiology Discussion Area

This discussion area has been set up for clinical teams and researchers working on Dengue treatment, management and epidemiology. Later there will be a dedicated web-space for this community. Meanwhile this area can be used to begin building this community, and any ideas and suggestions would be very helpful. Here you can begin discussing ideas, building collaborations and sharing research documents. Once requirements are known a workspace can be used for developing specific documents such as protocols and case record forms


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Flooding last year and the arrival of a new serotype: the lethal combination behind this year’s dengue outbreak in Sri Lanka – the worst outbreak the country has ever seen. This Sri ...

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Dengue Therapeutics Discussion Area

This group area has been set up to begin building a community for those working on new treatments for Dengue. This area can be used to begin building the community and sharing ideas, although later we will create a specialised area of the website for researchers in the therapeutics area. Ideas and suggestions for would be helpful, so please post them here. Here you can hold discussions, and build networks and collaborations


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With no known cure for dengue fever, many people turn to dengue home remedies in the hope these will cure them more quickly. But traditional dengue home remedies aren’t the answer. Dr. ...

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ISNTD dicsussion group

Closed group for ISNTD discussions 

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Dengue Mapping Discussion Group

The mapping discussion group has been set up for all dengue researchers interested in the mapping of the dengue virus. At a later date we will create a dedicated web area for this community, with many features and resources. For now however this space can be used for getting the community started by developing discussions and generating ideas. It would be very helpful if ideas for features and content for a Dengue Mapping web-based community could be posted here.


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'Attempts to tackle all mosquito-borne diseases are at risk while Zika recieves disproportionate attention' This article was published in The Guardian and originally authored by the Editorial Committee of Break Dengue

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Dengue Diagnostics

This group is a central point for discussing dengue diagnostics


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Getting the right test, at the right time, to the right population is key to effective dengue control When a parent presents their child at a clinic with a high fever, clinicians ...

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Bayer group discussions

Closed group for Bayer vector control discussions

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The African Dengue Network

This space has been set up to create a mechanism for all those working on Dengue research in Africa to get together and form a dynamic and active network. Here we invite anyone who is interested to join and explain their interests and activities, and then this will provide a platform for working together to improve and enhance dengue research in Africa.  If a network of African researchers in Dengue can be formed then this group can work together and apply for funding to support the network and your research activities. An area of GlobalDengueResearch can be built especially for your new network and within this you can have open and closed spaces for your activities. You can use this area to work together on activities such as protocol development, sharing of research documents and tools, writing grant applications and holding discussions. The open or closed functions can be used as needed to facilitate these tasks.  Please do then contribute to this group if you are interested in forming an African Dengue Network and then together you can organise yourselves and formally establish this network and get funding to support your aims. The editorial team at The Global Health Network is here to help and support you in this and can add functions or help with things like building e-learning courses or hosting a webinar. Please just let the editors know what you need.  


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Dear Jaffu - thanks for your message. Have you posted up your study to the SiteFinder application on the network? It is listed as one of the web sites, so please do ...

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