Dengue fever is a global concern - we urge the United Nations to designate a World Dengue Day at its General Assembly in September 2019

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Treatment with antibiotics depletes the gut microbiota in mice, making them more susceptible to infection by dengue, zika and west nile virus.

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Advances in using Internet searches to track dengue

by Shihao Yang, Samuel C. Kou , Fred Lu, John S. Brownstein, Nicholas Brooke, Mauricio Santillana

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that threatens over half of the world’s population. Despite being endemic to more than 100 countries, government-led efforts and tools for timely identification and tracking of new infections are still lacking in many affected areas. Multiple methodologies that leverage the use of Internet-based data sources have been proposed as a way to complement dengue surveillance efforts. Among these, dengue-related Google search trends have been shown to correlate with dengue activity. We extend a methodological framework, initially proposed and validated for flu surveillance, to produce near real-time estimates of dengue cases in five countries/states: Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. Our result shows that our modeling framework can be used to improve the tracking of dengue activity in multiple locations around the world.

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The number of publications about dengue fever has grown strongly since 1960 reflecting strong growth in the number of global cases.  

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Dengue vaccine: WHO position paper

by World Health Organisation

World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations on the use of dengue vaccine 

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Dengue vaccination would be cost-effective in Brazil even with a relatively low vaccine efficacy in seronegative individuals

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Epidemiological bulletin showed the increase in the number of reported cases of dengue in Uberlândia. There were 1,862 new cases in three months. 

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Review of articles on communication strategies for vector-borne diseases

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Strengthening integrated dengue surveillance, monitoring and response systems

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Evaluation of NS1 antigen assay as an alternative to RT-PCR for the early diagnosis of dengue

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Evaluation of rapid diagnostic test for dengue virus

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Analysis of potential dengue vaccine impact in Yucatán Mexico.

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Dengue and Yellow Fever viruses in Aedes mosquito populations in Zaria, Nigeria

by Ifraimu, D, Thaddeus T. Gbem, Sodangi A. L. and I. S. Ndams

A study of dengue and yellow fever viruses in mosquitoes in Zaria, Nigeria

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Disease: Poverty and pathogens

by Michael Eisenstein

The growth of slums in the developing world's rapidly expanding cities is creating new opportunities for infectious disease to flourish and spread.

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Vaccine efficacy alone is inadequate to capture the public health importance of vaccines.

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Laboratory systems and diagnostic technologies are a critical pillar in the fight against malaria. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends diagnostic testing for all people with suspected malaria before treatment is administered.

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An estimate of the global economic burden of dengue by country and super-region 

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This paper looks at the true cost of dengue fever

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Development of real-time tracking tools to monitor dengue


Real-time dengue surveillance is critical for identifying areas where transmission is ongoing or likely to occur so that interventions can be optimized. Sophisticated new tools can help - and so can you.

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