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Tourism and dengue: A look at the effect of an unhealthy combination

started by Gary Finnegan

For countries that depend on tourism, the economic cost of a dengue outbreak can be substantial. Afraid of catching the virus, tourists and their dollars stay away. But where are tourists learning ...

5 months ago

Dengue among Top 10 global health threats

started by Gary Finnegan

The WHO has listed dengue fever among the top 10 health threats facing the planet in 2019. Interestingly, another of the top 10 is vaccine hesitancy. This encompasses people who are 'anti-vaccine' ...

7 months ago

Dengue Illness Index: Giving patients a voice on the true burden of dengue

started by Gary Finnegan

The Dengue Illness Index is a tool for capturing the patient’s experience of dengue (rather than characterizing dengue severity) that is intended to support research. Read our interview

7 months ago

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Free, certified eLearning courses in clinical research including GCP

The Global Health Network offers free, certified short eLearning courses in different aspects of clinical research, in multiple languages. These ...

6 years ago • 6 comments (Last comment: 1 week ago)

Virtual Clinical Trials- A complete remote concept

Virtual Industry revenues will reach to $7.2 billion globally by the end of 2017 as in Greenlight Insight’s latest report. ...

2 years ago • 6 comments (Last comment: 1 week ago)

The Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT: Call for Applications

The Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC), SIUT located in Karachi is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre ...

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Free Online Taught Courses in Clinical Research

Please find below links to the following free, online, interactive taught courses in clinical research, run by leading universities:   ...

6 years ago • 11 comments (Last comment: 2 months ago)

Introduction to GCLP now available in Spanish - Buenas Prácticas Clínicas de Laboratorio disponible en español

Este curso revisado provee una introducción a las BPCL, resume los principios de la BPCL y ofrece un panorama general ...

3 years ago • 4 comments (Last comment: 3 months ago)