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Is artificial intelligence key to dengue prevention?

By finnegag

Dengue fever outbreaks are increasing in both frequency and magnitude. Not only that, the number of countries that could potentially be ...

Advances in using Internet searches to track dengue

by Shihao Yang, Samuel C. Kou , Fred Lu, John S. Brownstein, Nicholas Brooke, Mauricio Santillana

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that threatens over half of the world’s population. Despite being endemic to more than 100 countries, government-led efforts and tools for timely identification and tracking of new infections are still lacking in many affected areas. Multiple methodologies that leverage the use of Internet-based data sources have been proposed as a way to complement dengue surveillance efforts. Among these, dengue-related Google search trends have been shown to correlate with dengue activity. We extend a methodological framework, initially proposed and validated for flu surveillance, to produce near real-time estimates of dengue cases in five countries/states: Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. Our result shows that our modeling framework can be used to improve the tracking of dengue activity in multiple locations around the world.

4th August 2017 • comment

São João del Rei has recorded another death from dengue fever - the second in 2016 so far.

22nd August 2016 • comment

Strengthening integrated dengue surveillance, monitoring and response systems

14th June 2016 • comment