Full documentary: The Lingering Effect of Dengue Fever



A new approach to eradicating 'neglected' tropical diseases - Prof Tim Allen - London School of Economics


Advanced Genetics and molecular biology for the control of the Chikungunya vector

Cutting edge presentation by Hadyn Parry CEO of the British company Oxitec ltd - recorded at the ISNTD conference ISNTD Bites 2015 - Oxitec were recently ( August 2015 ) acquired by the US synthetic bioogy company Intrexon in a deal worth 160 million USD.

Dr. Dan Stinchcomb - The Development of Dengue Vaccines and Beyond

Brilliant overview of challenges faced in terms of development of Dengue vaccines an in-depth presentation by Dr Dan Stinchcomb recorded by the ISNTD at the ISNTD D3 2015 - discovery, development and diagnostics for NTDS - Dr Dan Stinchcomb was CEO of Inviragen and had developed DENVax, a four-strain recombinant viral vaccine for the prevention of dengue infection - Inviragen were acquired by Takeda in 2013 - a deal worth upto 250 million USD and one that is expected to further the drive to market of a viable Dengue vaccine.

Aedes Aegypti: the dengue mosquito in action

This video shows the Aedes Aegypti mosquito filmed in macrophotography and binocular cinematography while feeding. This mosquito is a vector of dengue fever.

Free our tribe from dengue

There's got to be a better way to get rid of dengue. Slapping and other short-term solutions wont make it go away. Its time for something more permanent.