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The dengue fever vaccine pipeline is advancing and as candidates approach clinical trials, we decided to take a closer look at the vaccines that could ease the burden of this disease.

The world’s first dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, was licensed by Sanofi Pasteur in 2015. It is available in more than a dozen countries and can prevent all four serotypes of dengue fever. (See the World Health Organisation’s Q&A on the dengue vaccine.)

While Dengvaxia was the first vaccine against dengue fever, there are several others at various stages of development. We last looked at the dengue vaccine pipeline back in April of 2017.

Since that time, progress has continued to develop at a steady pace. Amongst other things, Takeda and the WRAIR, GSK & Fiocruz collaboration have recently published data; Takeda has also initiated a second phase III trial, and Panacea Biotec is expecting to start a clinical trial sometime later this year.

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