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Today’s increasingly connected world offers us an opportunity using digital surveillance tools to gain a true, timely picture of dengue activity around the globe. Data gleaned from social media, online searches, mobile phone tracking, crowdsourcing and more have the potential to fill gaps in epidemiological surveillance information.
“We now have access to more data than ever before,” confirms Dr. Mauricio Santillana from the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s Hospital. “Transforming today’s many diverse data sources into meaningful information and knowledge will give public health officials and the public a complete picture of the current state of dengue activity.”
HealthMap aims to do just that: in addition to showing dengue-related news reports around the globe in near real-time (as it does now), it will soon centralize dengue observations from diverse sources to show multiple aspects of the disease.
More than that, the recent Big Data methodological advances made by the HealthMap research team and Harvard researchers on flu activity forecasting will soon allow the system to dynamically learn about the significance of diverse data sources and take that into account in the picture it provides. That training will help ensure it offers the best possible near real-time intelligence on an outbreak.
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