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Innovative Dengue Track initiative turns big data into actionable information

People from all over the world now have the chance to report cases of the disease in their area and get tailored advice on how to avoid infection. Dengue Track is a novel approach to disease mapping which could also be used to tracking Zika virus or Malaria.

Through a user-friendly online chat system, the tool will build a crowdsourced map of dengue outbreak. Users – known as Dengue Trackers – can access free toolkits to help them reduce their risk of dengue fever while providing details of outbreaks.

Try it now!


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  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 2 Sep 2016

    Nice to see the map filling up with data from around the world. More needed so please share!

  • nicholasbrooke Nicholas Brooke 3 Sep 2016

    Dengue Track and its chat capturing the feedback from the crowd can be easily added to your site. Help us generate more data for your region of activity and create value for your audience.

    The guide is attached.

    Attached files: HowTo_InstallDengueTrack_V02.pdf
  • nicholasbrooke Nicholas Brooke 3 Sep 2016

    We will open the data to those who would like to take a look. Feel free to publish about it as long as you mention the source and share some feedback in terms of what other data we could generate to generate better analysis and models.

  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 11 Oct 2016

    Nice to see the Dengue Track map filling up. You can add your data and share the map

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