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Dear colleague,

How would you like your work to be showcased at this year's ISNTD D3 conference in London on May 25 & 26?

Hosted by the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD), this event brings together experts from within drug discovery and clinical trials to drive the debate and foster new partnerships & alliances leading to tangible outcomes in terms of new therapies to combat these diseases.

To be in with a chance to win a free ticket, plus the opportunity to have your poster displayed at the event and have your abstract featured in the conference programme:

Enter the Global Dengue Lab / ISNTD Research Prize

All you need to do is send us an abstract summarising your work by May 2nd and we will announce the winner on May 9th.

Abstracts to be sent to

Submissions in developments within dengue, zika ,yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, chikungunya and West Nile viruses, including development & distribution of new or improved drugs, vaccines and diagnostics, and also be relevant to other members of the Global Dengue Lab. We reserve the right to share all entries on Global Dengue Lab and the ISNTD Research Hub unless requested otherwise.

All entries and queries to

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Thanks and regards,



  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 26 Apr 2016

    Still plenty of time to submit an abstract and win free entry to ISNTD D3.
    Send your entries to

    In addition to publishing the winning abstract in the conference brochure, the conference organisers may also publish other entries that are deemed to be of good quality.

  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 11 May 2016

    *Last call for submission*

    Entries received by Friday, 13 May, will be considered.

  • dear Gary I just received today this information. Right now the only work I have is a series of cases of encephalitis due to chikungunya. If theres any chance with this, let me know.
    Best regards
    Lazaro Molina

  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 18 May 2016

    Dear Lazaro,
    It is possible to have this abstract in the conference programme if I receive it tomorrow. However our judging panel has a preference for dengue-related articles.

  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 20 May 2016

    And the winner is...Dr Iliya Ndams, Ahmadu Bello University, Kaduna State, Nigeria.
    His abstract will be posted on this site and published in the programme of the ISNTD D3 conference to be held in London next week at the Wellcome Trust.

  • Saw this a bit too late. We have been treating dengue patients for the past ten years now with miraculous results.

  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 30 May 2016

    Good to hear. What do you find to be the most effective treatment?

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