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The Dengue Illness Index is a tool for capturing the patient’s experience of dengue (rather than characterizing dengue severity) that is intended to support research.

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  • kenawuondo KEN AWUONDO 30 Jan 2020

    My seven year old son is recuperating from Dengue Fever attach exactly 2 weeks after his mother recovered from the same. Dengue fever is a disease which may not kill but it will leave the victim's body exhausted.
    It is transmitted by a mosquito known as Aedes aegyptiae (appearing like a Zebra colour). It bites mainly during day time and does not make the sound made by other ubiquitous mosquitoes.
    Its the kind of mosquitoe that slithers into your house quietly or where you sit under a tree without noticing. The only time you will know its presence is when you feel the painful bites on you lower leg or your arm or your neck. The bites will swell for a while but it already deposits into your blood veins the Dengue viruses.
    Here is how my son felt. As usual he is a verbose guy who says everything in his mind. So on Thursday 23rd, he goes to his class teacher and says he is feeling headaches and he rarely feels that way even after playing in the hot sun for hours. His mother picks him from school in the evening and comes home and says that he feels headaches and fever. When I touched him, he was undoubtedly feverish.
    The following day Friday, we make the decision that we take him to the Clinic to be seen by Clinician. The triage confirms fever at 37.9 degree Celsius. The Doctor sends him to the Lab which confirms no Malaria parasites but with positive C-Reactive Protein and the Doctor makes the diagnosis of Dengue fever. The Doctor reckoned that it was good that the boy was diagnosed at early stages of the disease.
    The boy lost appetite and produces sweat at night and restless at night. Towards the last stages, he complain of muscle pain on the calf and walking with difficulty. In the last two days he has been complaining of itching on the lower legs but the fever is gone. He is now back to school and he is currently educating his classmates about Dengue fever.

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