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Dengue is no stranger to West Africa. The potentially deadly virus might even be endemic in many countries in the region. The problem is, nobody knows the real status of dengue in Africa. And with the numbers not understood, dengue does not feature highly among governments’ health priorities.

We spoke with Justin Stoler from the University of Miami’s Departments of Geography and Regional Studies and of Public Health Sciences to find out more. He has spent many years investigating dengue fever, particularly in West Africa.


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  • olayinkaosuolale Olayinka Osuolale 30 Dec 2018

    Indeed the virus is endemic, my research group did a pilot study early this year and we could see cases of primary and secondary infections in some of blood samples tested using SD Dengue Duo Kit

  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 23 Jan 2019

    Thanks Olayinka,

    Where are you based?

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