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Please register your interest in forming an African Dengue Network by adding to this discussion. Please explain your work and research interests and perhaps what you think an African Dengue Network might be able to achieve.


  • jchilx Jaffu 16 Sep 2013

    We are planning a Dengue and other arboviruses screening study in Northern Tanzania. Preliminary malaria study data show high incidences of febrile non malaria, non bacterial illnesses in the area, but, no studies have been conducted to identify what these illnesses are. This study will involve 1 PhD and 1 MSc student. Any partners are welcome to share expertise

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 17 Sep 2013

    Dear Jaffu - thanks for your message. Have you posted up your study to the SiteFinder application on the network? It is listed as one of the web sites, so please do post up there. Contact us if you need any more information. All the best with your work.

  • olayinkaosuolale Olayinka Osuolale 31 Mar 2018

    Hi Jaffu,
    How did your study go? We just concluded a similar study!!!

    The Editorial Team, Is this group still active?

  • finnegag Gary Finnegan 3 Apr 2018

    Dear all,
    I believe this group was merged into The Global Dengue Lab network a couple of years ago. Members of the African Dengue group should still be part of this network.
    It's still possible to connect with another member directly. Click on their name and you'll see their profile. Then on the right-hand side of the screen you can see a small box for sending a message to them.
    Many thanks,

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