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This space has been set up to create a mechanism for all those working on Dengue research in Africa to get together and form a dynamic and active network. Here we invite anyone who is interested to join and explain their interests and activities, and then this will provide a platform for working together to improve and enhance dengue research in Africa.  If a network of African researchers in Dengue can be formed then this group can work together and apply for funding to support the network and your research activities. An area of GlobalDengueResearch can be built especially for your new network and within this you can have open and closed spaces for your activities. You can use this area to work together on activities such as protocol development, sharing of research documents and tools, writing grant applications and holding discussions. The open or closed functions can be used as needed to facilitate these tasks.  Please do then contribute to this group if you are interested in forming an African Dengue Network and then together you can organise yourselves and formally establish this network and get funding to support your aims. The editorial team at The Global Health Network is here to help and support you in this and can add functions or help with things like building e-learning courses or hosting a webinar. Please just let the editors know what you need.  

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The African Dengue Network

Please register your interest in forming an African Dengue Network ...

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