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With no known cure for dengue fever, many people turn to dengue home remedies in the hope these will cure them more quickly. But traditional dengue home remedies aren’t the answer. Dr. Professor Pratit Samdani, Honorary Associate Professor of Medicine and Head of the Medicine unit at G T Hospital and Sir J J Group of Hospitals in Mumbai, explains why people should be increasing their fluid intake and looking for signs of bleeding rather than drinking papaya juice and basil tea or eating kiwi and dragon fruit.

Dengue home remedies have been a traditional practice in many countries for hundreds of years; whenever someone contracts the disease, friends and family share tales of how fruits and drinks can speed recovery.

“With incidence of dengue high and no specific dengue treatment available, people turn to home remedies to aid their recovery,” says Professor Samdani. “Here in India, almost every dengue patient comes to me with a list of home remedies.”


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