The number of publications about dengue fever has grown strongly since 1960 reflecting strong growth in the number of global cases.  

7th June 2017 • comment

Suppression of the Arboviruses Dengue and Chikungunya Using a Dual-Acting Group-I Intron Coupled with Conditional Expression of the Bax C-Terminal Domain

by James R. Carter, Samantha Taylor, Tresa S. Fraser, Cheryl A. Kucharski, James L. Dawson, Malcolm J.

Research points to a promising single antiviral for the transgenic suppression of multiple arboviruses

1st April 2016 • comment

Scientists belive a protein may be key to new dengue drug discoveries?

1st April 2016 • comment

This guide, developed by the WHO and released in December 2013, aims to facilitate implementation research in LMICs.

2nd December 2013 • comment