Dengue outbreaks are sporadic, unpredictable and highly disruptive. The spread of mosquito-borne diseases poses a major threat to public health. But digital technologies and big data are proving to be game-changers in detecting and preventing outbreaks of diseases like dengue.

We are very excited to share our Dengue Track data at the Hackathon organised by on November 25th and 26th in Brussels. During the two days, scientists will use our data and the data we’d like to ask you to help us collect to look at:


  • How can we identify outbreaks sooner?
  • How can we predict future outbreaks?
  • What factors might influence dengue spread and outbreaks?


If you have: 

  • Dengue-specific data
  • Data related to mosquitoes (specifically Aedes aegypti)
  • Data related to other mosquito-borne diseases (specifically chikungunya, zika fever, and yellow fever viruses)
  • Weather data/ Climate data/ Vegetation data
  • Medical data/ Transportation data/ Travel data/ Agricultural data
  • Demographical data
  • Map data

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