Break Dengue hosts cross-discipline collaborative tool to help reach WHO 2020 objectives to reduce dengue burden

“Effective surveillance, prevention and outbreak response as well as tools must continue to complement each other in reducing the burden of dengue.” - Third WHO Report on Neglected Tropical Disease 

As part of its partnership-driven approach, Break Dengue has introduced Dengue Lab, an online platform for professionals around the world who work on the prevention, surveillance or treatment of dengue fever.

Dengue Lab offers an integrated knowledge-sharing platform with dedicated sections on prevention and control, treatment, and surveillance, allowing experts from each area to share information and data, and offering opportunities for collaboration across disciplines. The online platform counts more than 150 dengue-related experts as members to date, from fields that include immunology, surveillance, diagnostics, vector control, entomology and others.

The goal is to foster collaboration on practical, evidence-based solutions for addressing the problem of dengue.  The Dengue Lab community is the key to its success.  Members are encouraged not only to share information, but also to post comments, ask questions, provide constructive criticism, seek out advice, and share ideas, make connections, especially with colleagues with whom you would not typically interact.

Community members represent public health organizations, chemical or pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, scientific or academic institutions, and other health care organizations, across various disciplines such as research, medical practice, and public health implementation.

Break Dengue brings together individuals and groups impacted by or involved in addressing the problem of dengue to facilitate an integrated approach and empower the introduction of new measures and technologies. 

The initiative uses a combination of community engagement, social networks, collaborative projects, knowledge sharing and reporting. It connects stakeholders across regions and disciplines, and gives a voice to those affected by the disease and those involved in efforts to control it. 

Break Dengue is an initiative from The Synergist, with seed funding from Sanofi Pasteur and Bayer CropScience, and supported by NGOs and organisations such as HealthMap, the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Malaria Consortium, as well as individuals involved in the field of dengue that share a common goal of having a positive impact in the fight against dengue.

Break Dengue is the 2014 Shorty Award Winner for Best Use of Social Media for Healthcare.

Break Dengue was awarded Most Impactful Emerging or Global Initiative at the 2015 Eye for Pharma Barcelona awards