Dengue Lab is open to professionals researching or working on dengue fever and related topics. It is run by Break Dengue, an initiative from The Synergist, with funding from Sanofi-Pasteur and Bayer CropScience, and in collaboration with the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD).

Dengue Lab aims to:

  • build a comprehensive, integrated and dynamic knowledge base from which to build more effective models and methods for dengue prevention and control
  • inspire concrete activities and initiatives that address the common objective of reducing the public health burden of dengue fever.

The knowledge platform is designed to store information created and/or shared by members, and organises knowledge around topics related to dengue. You can also share (and benefit from) academic papers, reports, blogs, newspaper articles, videos and any other materials that would add insight to the community.

The goal is to foster collaboration on practical, evidence-based solutions for addressing the problem of dengue. As such, core parts of the knowledge platform are practical initiatives: strategies that work, so all members can benefit from them and good practice can be replicated. The content might also be used to support the global cause of reducing the health impact of dengue fever.

Members are encouraged not only to share information, but also to post comments, ask questions, provide constructive criticism, seek out advice, share ideas, and make connections, especially with colleagues with whom you would not typically interact.

Please also refer to our Community Guidelines.